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Why Do Some People Seem to Have No ‘Luck’ in Finding Love?

Why Do Some People Seem to Have No ‘Luck’ in Finding Love?

You’ve probably seen or know someone who is constantly in and out of relationships. Every new partner that they choose turns out be another ‘playa’ or ‘scumbag’ or ‘crazy woman’.

Despite their numerous relationships, one would expect them to do better and choose a better partner – but that’s never the case. Every new lover turns out to become just like the previous one. Maybe worse.

People in these situations even have a laugh and say that they’re a magnet that attracts all the wrong partners. But is this really the case?
Do they really have a case of no luck or bad luck? Or is there a root cause for all this confusion and disappointment.

Common sense will indicate that it can’t be a coincidence that these people keep choosing the wrong partners. There is another factor at play here – your sense of self-worth.

A common mistake made by many people is to choose Mr. Right Now, instead of waiting for Mr. Right. The whole idea of taking one’s time to carefully select a partner has become outdated.

The general idea is that no one is perfect so it’s just best to grab what is closest to you. The end result is you pick someone that’s easily available only to discover that they’re totally not right for you.

If you have a good sense of self-worth, you’ll be confident in your ability to find a good partner even if it takes you time. You’ll be less likely to tolerate abuse or nonsense from a partner too.

Many women endure partners who completely neglect them. The relationship is long dead, but they cling on to it hoping that it will work. Rarely do the relationships work, and the woman finally quits and feels bitter that she wasted so much time clinging to a husk of a relationship.
After that failed relationship, she mopes for a bit and jumps back into the dating scene and once again picks a man that is not right for her.

The same applies to men too. They want a woman who is faithful and someone level-headed, but they find a lady at the bar who is dressed in revealing clothing and acts wild.

She excites them and is merely ‘misunderstood’… and the knights in shining armor decide to try to make a “good woman” out of her. Rarely does that work out and to their horror, the princess they picked turns out to be a harlot. So, they end up cursing their bad luck when the relationship collapses and run for the hills.

You must spend time deciding what you want in a partner. If you’re a woman who is looking for someone emotionally and financially stable, don’t pick an out-of-work actor who is 5 years younger than you just because he has a set of washboard abs.

Once you get involved and try to “make it work”, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Either he never becomes the next Tom Cruise and ends up living off you, or he loses interest and goes off to find a younger woman. There may be a positive ending… but the odds are rarely in your favor.
This is the hard truth and so many people don’t wish to believe it. They hope for the candlelit dinners and happily ever afters… which never come. What happens is they move from one relationship to the next and the next… and keep losing their faith and hope of things ever working out.
Know what you want and choose your partner wisely. Spend time getting to know and love yourself. Once you can do that you will find a partner who is most suitable for you and you’ll no longer be unlucky in love.Why

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