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    High School
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    A Short Brunette, who is nice and slow paced. I like dogs a lot too.
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    Hi...OK so this is the part where I’m supposed to write an essay about myself and give some details. This is going to be tough. First off, there’s nobody else like me. And I don’t mean that in a egotistical away. More of a oh my god really, kind away.

    My FB profile, I use chat of FB messenger here:

    So I’ll start off with the bad stuff first. Oh well I’m legally disabled. And I can’t walk. I can’t sit either. And I can’t stand. All due from a condition called sacrum dysfunction, which is an issue at the base of my spine. I haven't an always been like this. I used to be a fully functioning human being. I used to be a really physical athletic busy person. But no longer.

    Next thing that’s an issue. I have hearing damage. What this means is I have severe sound sensitivity and really loud ringing and hissing in my head, I have to wear hearing protection whenever I’m around people. Or when I’m doing any type of activity. Basically before I make a move I have to have hearing protection on. I’m limited to activities I can do and where I go. But it’s hard to go anywhere, because I can’t drive a car. I’m basically homebound and don’t go anywhere. I live alone and I’m on disability. Life is difficult because I can’t do most of the things that everyone else takes for granted. But I don’t need to get into those details. I used to be musician and used to go mountain biking and used to go hiking in the woods go to the park and used to go places and casinos and movies and restaurants. But it’s nearly impossible to do any of that anymore. I also have chemical sensitivity, which means if you’re wearing perfume or anything that’s scented you’re going to smell like a Gasoline to me, and the fumes coming off of you will make the air burn to breath. It can be pretty serious depending on what type of chemicals I’m around. So I have to avoid artificial sense in cleaners and chemicals and a lot of synthetic products. So it’s really tricky. So as you can see I’m not an easy person I’ve got a lot of problems life is really difficult for me. I don’t have the freedoms that everyone else does. I am basically a prisoner of my own body. I have hobbies I have interests I am just like everyone else. Except my body doesn’t work for me Very well for me anymore. So I don’t know if I can date. I surely can’t go out on a date. Some brave souls going to have to come see me. Because of my hearing sensitivity, I can’t or shouldn’t use the phone either to speak with on the phone because the phone hurts my ears causes a lot of pain. So messaging and texting them are my main ways of communication with the world. I can use I messenger on Facebook, to communicate with. I am not on any medication, I’m not addicted to anything, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke cigarettes that stuff disgusting. I do smoke weed because it helps me to relax.. So I kind of just need like a friend first and if you end up liking me that’s good if I end up liking you that’s even better. But it’s not going to be a conventional hey let’s go out and go dating and go to the movies go to restaurant, because that’s not how I can work. So it’s difficult for me and this is just like my only chance to maybe try to find somebody to date or have a relationship or even a really cool friendship. Because I’m not gonna be able to do much of else anything else on my own. So that’s my short story. I’ll answer any questions any ladies might like to have to know. So write me and I’ll get back to you. I prefer brunettes, but blondes are pretty too. Sincerely George
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